Intro to Costume Design Mentorship


Group Mentoring - Online (Must have access to a computer, internet, and skype)

Using a combination of story analysis, historical research, and observation from life, you will learn how to more confidently incorporate plot, theme, character motivations, personality traits, and body language into your costume designs.

Weekly assignments consist of story and world research, mood boards, studies, and costume concept sketches based on a narrative of your choice.

Important Details

12 Week Mentored Course*
3 hour online meeting once a week. Lecture, demo, Q&A, and feedback on homework assignments.
Limited to 3 mentees per group to allow time for individual feedback.
Fall Term takes place between September 16th and December 7th

Appropriate for aspiring visual development artists, concept designers, character designers, and costume specialists.

Class Summary

  • Week One: Plot and Theme / Story and World Analysis

  • Week Two: Character Analysis

  • Week Three: Motivations - Anger

  • Week Four: Motivations - Shame

  • Week Five: Motivations - Fear

  • Week Six: Animal Instincts / Values

  • Week Seven: Archetypes Part 1

  • Week Eight: Archetypes Part 2

  • Week Nine: Story Moment Exploration

  • Week Ten: Costume Evolution

  • Week Eleven: Body Language

  • Week Twelve: Final Designs Presentation



Disclaimers: This course focuses on improving your analytical approach to design through research, creative reasoning, and practical application. To make the most of your time on assignments, you will need at least basic anatomy, perspective, color theory, and technical drawing skills to participate in this course. Weekly assignments may be adjusted at the discretion of the mentor to suit the needs of the mentees.

Cancellations and Refunds: In general, there are no refunds for this course once it has started. Cancellation for a full refund must be made 5 days before the start of the course. However, if you have extenuating circumstances, you can email me at and I will review each request on a case-by-case basis.

*Mentee Intro Sessions:
In addition to the 12 week of class, each mentee will have a 3 hour session scheduled outside of class time to present their work and goals to the group. I have found this essential in the past as it helps me provide more relevant homework feedback. It also nurtures a more empathetic and encouraging group dynamic.

First hour - Share your past and present work
Second hour - Discuss your influences and career goals
Third hour - Q&A


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