Costume Design Presentations

The Talking Threads collective are costume specialists working as consultants, educators, designers, illustrators, and fabricators with major animation studios, live film, theatre, independent projects, and schools. They are the authors of “Talking Threads - Costume for Entertainment Designers” (Design Studio Press, TBA 2019).

If you would like to schedule a panel, workshop, presentation, or demonstration at your studio or school with one or more of the artists, please fill out the booking request below and you will be contacted shortly to confirm availability and a cost estimate. Pricing will be dependent on location, length, and attendance. A finalized quote will be provided when details and dates are confirmed.

Booking Requests/Inquiries

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Upcoming Presentation:

Lightbox 2019 - Talking Threads: Costume Design for Animation, Gaming and Illustration

Past Presentations:

CTNX 2016 - The Story We Wear: Costume as a Storytelling Device

CTNX 2017 - The Role of the Costume specialist in Animation, Gaming and Illustration

CTNX 2017 - Stop Motion Fabrication Demo

CTNX 2018 - Costume Design Demo: Expanding an Existing IP.

*Portfolio Reviews may be included in your booking on request. Simply add a note to the details section and allot the additional time to your booking.